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Quentin Tarantino opening a Christmas gift from his best bud, Quentin Tarantino - Requested by Dizzysun

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A Hiker’s Ever-Changing View from the Tent with @michaelmatti

For more from Michael’s adventures in the Pacific North and beyond, follow @michaelmatti on Instagram.

Even though his photography has taken him around the world, Michael Matti (@michaelmatti)’s heart—and Instagram feed—belong to beautiful landscapes near his home in Seattle.

“The amazing outdoors scene in the Pacific Northwest inspired me after college,” he says. “There is so much to see with its sea-stack-filled beaches, rugged mountains and cascading waterfalls.”

Michael frequently frames nature shots through tents, a technique he says is common among his peers. He also includes a human or animal figure against every backdrop—no matter how small they appear in the image.

“People give scale to nature,” he says. “A waterfall shot with a tiny person in the frame helps to really add a sense of wonder to the falls.”


my kitten says hello


This gosh darn butterfly almost crushed this woman’s hopes and dreams… 

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